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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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moment to explain. >> sure. the president leading a u.n. summit against torerror, as congress gives the white house a failing grade on its progress against isis. out of this world. the discovery of water on mars has us star struck. >> the existence of liquid water, even if it's super salty, gives the possibility that if there's life on mars, we have a way to describe how it might survive. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. the abortion battle is front and center at a house hearing over planned parenthood today. the head of the women's health organization, cecile richards, is under fire for ten undercover videos produced by anti-abortion
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activists that went viral this summer. >> we provide breast exams to -- i can get you the numbers of how many of thousands of women receive breast exams at planned parenthood last year. has nothing to do with -- again, here's the problem -- >> you created this lie. it's the reduction over the course of years in pink. that's the reduction in the breast exams. the red is the increase in the abortions. that's what's going on in your organization. >> this is a slide that has never been shown to me before. i'm happy to look at it. it absolutely does not reflect what's happening at planned parenthood. >> you're going to deny that if we take the numbers out of your report -- >> no one has provided us that before. we've provided you all the information about everything, all the services that planned parenthood provides. doesn't feel like we're trying to get to the truth. you just showed me this, and i'm happy to look at it. >> i pulled the numbers out of your corporate reports. >> i'm informed the source is
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united americans for life, which is an anti-abortion group. i'd check your source. >> joining me now is the california senator, barbara boxer. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> there are so many issues to unpack here, but first of all, the big question that they've been asking, in part, is that planned parenthood does not provide mammograms. could you help us better understand the fact that breast exams and then referrals to other clinics that then do mammograms when needed, is the protocol right now? >> of course. let me just say this, when i go to my ob-gyn for my yearly checkup, they'll do a breast exam, and then they will suggest, if it is required, that i go and have a mammogram. they give me a prescription for a mammogram. this is the way we do it in america. andrea, this is a witch hunt. this is a witch hunt against an organization that is very popular in this country, that
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helps almost 3 million women and men, that saved lives. it's a witch hunt because the people who were conducting it want to make abortion illegal. even though planned parenthood does not use one cent of federal money for that, that's what this is about. i tell you, i'm going to call it what it is, i lived through the days, i think you did, when abortion was illegal, and women died. we are not going back. the republican party will lead us back, and we can't follow them. >> one of the issues, of course, this issue has become front and center on the republican side in the campaign. carly fiorina made much of it at the debate and, you know, immediately took off in her popularity as a result, in part of that. she was on with chuck todd on "meet the press." i wanted to play a little bit of that for you. >> there is no evidence that the scene you described exists. are you willing now to concede
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that you exaggerated that scene? >> no. not at all. that scene absolutely does exist, and that voice sang what i said they were saying, we're going to keep it alive to harvest it. here's the thing, yesterday i was at a football game -- >> you saw the moment on the tape. >> yes. i would challenge planned parenthood. >> now, carly fiorina ran against you for senate. obviously, there's a rivalry there. but what about the way she is using this issue and, so far, successfully, as she climbs in the polls? >> she's very fast and loose with the facts. this is one place. if you look at her explanation as to why she laid off 30,000 workers at hp, and she shipped so many thousands of jobs overseas, she'll say, oh, i created all these jobs, which were created because she did a merger with compact. she's fast and loose with the
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facts. look, i beat her by ten points, a land slide in a year that was horrific for democrats. it wasn't because of me. i'd love to think it was. it was because the california people who had a chance to choose went with the person who told the truth versus a person who played fast and loose with the facts. and it's terrible to see a woman, the only woman running for president, attack planned parenthood, that helps so many millions of women. it's a sad day, but it's the way it is. not all women are going to fight for women. carly fiorina does not. she fights for herself. she'll say almost anything to get elected. >> senator, one of the issues at the hearing has been cecile richards' salary. she's questioned because she makes $525,000 a year. that is an issue that the house members have been challenging her on. do you think that that is an
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inappropriately high salary for someone working in women's health services. >> absolutely, i do not think it is. if you look at ceo salaries across the board, and cecile richards essentially puts her life on the line in this job. let's be clear, let's be clear, i would say that this line of attack is outrageous. i served in the house for ten years. i never saw such a personal assault as this. they ought to be ashamed of themselves. all they want to do is hurt women. it's the war on women. it's a sad day, and i stand in solidarity with the women and men of america who believe that women should be respected, that the right to choose is a personal choice. everyone should make it for themselves. we don't use federal funds for abortion. it's very clear. they're frustrated because they don't know how to make abortion illegal. they know they can never do it. so they want to conduct a witch hunt against planned parenthood. you know, i remember the days
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that planned parenthood board included republicans and democrats. it still does. yet, the national republican party has turned against freedom of choice. it seems to me wanting to put government right inside your home, inside your bedroom, is wrong for a party that says, get government out of our lives. they want to take us back, andrea. it's very serious. it's going to be a big issue in the presidential race. it should be. let the american people decide if they respect women's choices or they want to go back to the days when women were considered criminals and doctors were criminals if they had an abortion. >> speaking of the presidential race, briefly, we have new polling showing that joe biden would be a stronger candidate against republicans than hillary clinton. clinton, again, tomorrow, the end of the month means 6,000 more pages are going to come out of the state department tomorrow afternoon of her e-mails. as she acknowledged to chuck todd, it's a drip, drip, drip. should the party -- is the party
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getting nervous? should you be thinking about joe biden? >> i have to say this, wait until he gets in the race. it's up to him. i love him if he does or doesn't. wait until they go after him. look, hillary clinton, it is remarkable, her poll numbers as they are today. if you look at jeb bush and how far he's fallen, he was the front runner. every republican candidate went after her from day one. every single republican house member is going after her. senate included. it is unbelievable, and you know what? hillary clinton has said, may not agree with the way i handle my e-mails. in retrospect, it was wrong. put it down as a negative. on the positive side, think of the things i have done for this country. serving in the united states senate during 9/11, walking to ground zero, protecting those first responders, fighting for children all her life, from the day she got out of law school, serving as secretary of state, putting health care, human
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rights on the agenda. jae, she should have had two separate e-mails. let people consider that, but i think that will pale when you compare it to what she has given to this nation. >> thank you so much, senator barbara boxer, today. >> thank you. >> here in new york, president obama is leading a counter-terror summit at the united nations, a year after a similar summit at the u.n. pledged to take on isis. a bipartisan congressional report released today gives the administration a failing grade for its war against isis. on "meet the press daily," chuck todd asked secretary clinton about the failed program to train rebels. >> we got a startling report this week. there are four or five, not 400 or 500, four or five rebels that we have trained with american military help and american might that are still there fighting in the fight. >> yeah. >> this is a failure in policy, isn't it in? >> well, it is. >> congressman mike chairs the
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committee which released this report. he joins me from washington. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> what are your primary conclusions in assessing how this war has gone against the terrorists in the last year? >> first and foremost, we're losing -- i'll say, this is a bipartisan report. the terrorists don't check our party affiliation. the facts are the facts. the fact is, we're losing in this fight against isis. the fighter traveling to the region has increased greatly. 30,000 foreign fighters, 5,000 western passports, hundreds of americans have traveled there. many have come back. so the threat to the homeland is real. not only from foreign fighter travel, but radicalization over the internet. so what we don't have is a strategy. i think as you pointed out in your piece earlier, we haven't dealt with assad effectively. we haven't dealt with isis effectively. this problem has exploded and
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mushroomed rather than being defeated. now, to complicate things from a foreign policy standpoint, now russia is stepping into the fray to deal with isis. while at the same time, i think creating a big -- stepping into a power vacuum, creating a biggie bi big geopolitical effect with the united states. >> let me play devil's advocate. is vladimir putin right about one thing? david cameron, the prime minister of the uk, seems to be agreeing on this part. that getting rid of assad right now, without knowing what would replace him, would open the door to have isis march into damascus? >> look, the only thing we have in common with the russians is our dislike for the terrorists. they have their rebels. they know isis is becoming an increasing threat to the region, which is precisely why they're stepping up to the plate. i think there's an opportunity to focus on isis, but long-term,
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you have to deal with assad. he is a magnet for the jihadists. i'm hopeful the president can discuss with mr. putin a grateful exile program for mr. assad, to remove him from power. he will continue to be a magnet for the sunni arab extremists. >> if, as your report documents, this war against isis is failing, what is the solution? what is the prescription here? >> i think you need to -- we need a sunni arab indigenous force to fight the sunni extremists. andrea, this has to be done under american leadership with american special forces embedded. we've got to get our partners, nato partners, and global partners in this fight to destroy isis. right now, it's been a policy of containment, not one to defeat and destroy. i think that's the great failure here. as long as that threat exists over there, it's all throughout northern africa, as well, so, too, is the threat to the homeland. the idea of them traveling to
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the united states to conduct a terrorist attack. you have to eliminate the threat where it exists. we haven't done that adequately. i'm hopeful that the president and this united nations meeting can get the world powers together to identify this as a threat that we need to eliminate. >> and the treasury sanctioned supporters of isis today. how do you implement or police the sanctioning, economic sanctions, against isis? >> it's very difficult to do. i mean, the fact is, we have very little presence on the ground. we have very little human intelligence, which is why the numbers i gave you, we're not even sure how real the numbers are because we don't have the human intelligence on the ground. so i think implementing -- yeah, i think cutting out the terrorist financing is very important, in terms of their oil and gas supply line, but you have to disrupt through military
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force. then they need a political solution to this, as well. we don't have that political solution in place, much less a military strategy. >> and, finally, what is your fundamental concern about americans who are going over there in greater numbers who are then able to get back into the united states and be a threat to the homeland? >> well, every one of them present a ticking time bomb. the numbers, again, i gave you are estimates. we don't know what we don't know. what keeps me up at night are the ones we've missed. the ones who have come back who are plotting an attack. the ones who are being radicalized over the internet from syria social media operatives. the case like chattanooga that we didn't know about. we didn't have any warning signs. i'm concerned that could very well happen again. >> congressman, thank you very much for revealing the conclusions of your report here. >> thanks, andrea. coming up, congresswoman is joining us as the fireworks on
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you can't say, i'm apologizing for statements in one video, and not tell us what the statements were. >> i don't believe that the doctor -- >> or you can say, you know what? what i said in the video i produced wasn't true. i wasn't apologizing for any statement. >> in my judgment, it was inappropriate to have that conversation in a non-clinical setting, in a non-confidential
9:19 am
area. >> which -- >> about clinical matters. i've told that to the doctor. i will also tell you -- >> why didn't you say that? this wasn't a reporter with a mic in front of your face. this video was sent by you from the world. >> we'll agree to disagree. >> why did you say that? >> i think i've explained myself. >> i don't think you're asking my question. >> we're back. more from the fireworks at today's hearing on planned parenthood. joining me from the hearing, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton, member of the oversight committee. what issues do you find disturbing on either side of this question? >> well, what i really find disturbing is that we are having a hearing and, by the way, we are one of four congressional committees investigating planned parenthood, when 2/3 of the american people say that funding should continue for planned
9:20 am
parenthood. 3/4 of them said, don't shut down the government because of planned parenthood. we're not focusing on what the fetal tissue was used for. there's not a single individual in the united states today who hasn't benefitted from fetal tissue. you've heard about parkinson's. this is all voluntary donations. perhaps much of the public doesn't know that rubella, measles and other vaccines owe their discovery to fetal tissue, which has been legal since 1992. first approved in the bush administration, investigated and then passed on in the reagan administration. so why are we here? we're here because the republicans, even though the majority of republicans, 56%, say they think planned parenthood should be funded, believe that this is an issue
9:21 am
for their base. so, yes, we have accused them in this hearing of starting another war on women. we can't call it anything else. >> at the same time, are you concerned about the whole question of how this doctor, planned parenthood doctor, was discussing the procedures on the undercover video? we know the fetuses shown on the video were taken from another source, had nothing to do with planned parenthood, it was edited and doctored, but the cavalier way that that doctor was describing the procedure was disturbing to a lot of people, including planned parenthood supporters. >> i think only doctors could speak in such a cavalier fashion. that does not, in fact, keep the video from having been found forensically false by objective sources. you can differ with how the physician speaks about it in
9:22 am
this video, but that's because my republican friends don't want to get to the real truth here, which is what the fetal tissue is all about, and the fact the majority of the american people prove it and have benefitted from it. >> congresswoman, thank you very much for being with us today. >> always a pleasure. we have breaking news from twitter. edward snowden has created his own twitter account and went live a few hours ago. in that short time, he's picked up 30,000 followers. snowden's first tweet was a question, can you hear me now? in case you're wondering, he is following one other twitter account. that is the nsa. mission to mars. captain mark kelly joins me to tell me why he's excited about the nasa discovery on the red planet. stay with us. urer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines.
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it's the brand more doctorsose recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong. yesterday, nasa revealed the answer to a mars mystery. with these stunning images
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showing evidence of liquid saltwater on the usually dry, barren red planet. this discovery fuels speculation there could be life on mars. joining me now is msnbc space analyst, retired astronaut, captain mark kelly. great to see you. >> good to see you. >> so i've gotten all excited about this. tell me, how exciting is this? i mean, what are we learning here? >> i was pretty excited about it, too. i mean, for a couple major reasons. first is that in almost every place on earth that has water, there's life. even saltwater. this water on mars might have a significant amustnount of salt it. if we use the earth analog, this is a strong sign there could be life. secondly, if we want to go on a mission to mars and send astronauts there and bring them back, one of the challenges is the fuel. when you have water, you can make rocket fuel. that is really a significant,
9:27 am
significant discovery. >> and when we talk about mars and all of the exploration to mars, what is our relationship with mars in terms of what we can learn from this planet? >> well, so part of this discovery is showing that, you know, water does exist on mars. we used to think it had -- billions of years ago, we used to think mars had oceans, maybe like we do on planet earth. to understand what happened there, why is mars a barren, desolate place today when, historically, it probably wasn't like that. maybe we can learn from mars a little bit of what our own future looks like in geological terms on earth. that would be valuable information to have. >> this has been such a week with space, with the lunar eclipse, the blood moon. people are so fascinated by the imagery and just by the possibilities, the potential out there, against the argument that nasa shouldn't be spending money on manned exploration because we
9:28 am
have bigger budget priorities at home. how do we balance the thirst for knowledge against the budget realities? >> i think we do a good job at nasa and with our government, balancing these priorities. pluto was a big deal, the images coming from pluto. the science we're beginning to get out of that. also, as an example, we have six individuals in space right now. my brother is spending a year in space. part of the concept of putting somebody into space for a year has to do with sending people to mars on a future trip. nasa wants to do this in the mid 2030s. space x has a goal maybe ten years earlier. i think we do a good -- there's a good balance between manned space flight or human space flight, aeronautic space science and earth science. >> can you imagine your brother going to mars in? >> sure. i'd go with him, depending on what time frame we'd do this. >> the fact you're identical
9:29 am
twins is part of the study. you're being examined while he's up there, to see what the long-term effects on his body are. >> scott is going to be in space for an entire year, and he's done a long-duration mission before. all of my flights have been short. i've done four space shuttle flights. with the amount of time he'll spend in space and the fact we're identical twins, there's a lot of research universities doing a lot of science on the two of us. >> fascinating. of course, we know that gabby giffor giffords, your wife, is watching and our best wishes to her. she's doing great, going strong. he was on the hi she was there on the hill when the pope was there. >> i think it was one of her highlights, being in the chamber, even through the time she served in congress. it was something. >> our best to her and, of course, to you. thank you so much, mark kelly. >> thank you. he's back. bill clinton hitting the campaign trail, while first lady michelle obama speculates how
9:30 am
she might advice the next first spouse. >> i understand that mrs. bush left y'all a letter. >> yes. >> for the first lady. >> mm-hmm. >> without naming any names, if we have a female president next -- >> mm-hmm. >> -- would you leave a letter for her husband? [ applause ] what would you say? what would you suggest? what's the thing he needs to know more than anything else about the job? >> i would say, follow your passion. just be you. >> i think he does. >> i think he would. hold the phone.
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this is going to be an ebb and flow. how can i continue to lead by such wide margins? it's an ebb and flow. but i'm leading every single poll. most of them by a substantial number. can i keep that going? i have no idea, but i'll try. >> donald trump with matt lauer on the "today" show. matt asked what happens as the polls start going down, if they keep going down. >> donald, with all the great things going on in your life in other areas, do you have the stomach to stick this out in? >> well, i'm a practical person, matt. if i see things aren't going well, for instance, there are people right now within the republican party who are not doing well, i don't think it's going to change for many of them, at some point, you have to get out. if i think for some reason it's not going to work, then i'd go back to my business. there's no question about that. >> joining me for our daily fix, here in new york, kristin welker, covering the clinton campaign. katie, covering the trump campaign. you've been on the trail, ben.
9:35 am
thank you for being with us. katie, first to you, donald trump. i don't know how you keep up with all of this. all of the telephone interviews. it's the first time you sort of sense a little bit of doubt, well, you know, what if it doesn't all work out in? >> i don't know if that's the case. i think we've been asking him that on the campaign trail since day one, when are you going to get out of the race? he says if he's going to go down, stops doing well in the polls, he'll reconsider things. this campaign doesn't have a plan to drop out. whenever i asked them about it, they've adamantly said to me, we are going all the way to the conventions. i said, what if you're not the nominee for the republican party? they've said, it doesn't matter. wee will be at the convention. we are not showing any signs of slowing down or stopping. he did tell the "new york times" in that article that came out today, that fascinating article about donald trump, that sometimes he has self-doubt but doesn't want to talk about it. >> self-doubt and donald trump
9:36 am
don't seem to fit in the same sentence. our new nbc wall street journal poll shows biden is stronger in the polls than hillary clinton. >> the door looks more and more open for joe biden, if he wants to run. i still remain spectacle that when he gets in the race, it'll look this good. it looks good now. we've seen this with hillary clinton. we've seen this with mitt romney, and we'll see it with joe biden if he decides to run. people like the person not running for office more than they like them when we are running for office. biden will deal with being seen as a politician again. my guess is his numbers will come down a little bit. that doesn't impact his decision making process right now. if you are him, and you look at everything that's going on and you look at the polling, you have to be getting lots of encouragement from lots of people that say, look, you have to strike while the iron is hot here. >> bill clinton was on cnbc, it
9:37 am
was a clinton global initiative event, talking about the campaign. >> you have built up a pretty thick skin over the years. i wonder, watching this with your spouse of 40 years, how do you feel about it? >> it is similar to the strategy that the republicans employed against me with white water. they look at the field and say, who do we not want to run against? and then they dribble out stuff and they attack. >> i was very struck when krchu todd asked hillary clinton about bill said, blaming things on the republicans. she said, that's what he says. she was trying to create a separation. >> she's trying to take responsibility. at the same time, letting her husband attack the republicans. this is, of course, a strategy that has worked for them many times in the past. my sources are telling me that
9:38 am
president clinton is going to be ramping up his engagement in the campai campaign. he'll be attending fundraisers, atlanta, michigan and missouri. his goal is to reassure jittery democrats that she's going to weather the e-mail storm. bernie sanders is catching up and, yes, biden might get in the race, but she's the one to beat. this part of the campaign was introducing secretary clinton to voters. introducing bill clinton changes the equation, as you know from 2008. he had missteps. they're hoping to avoid that this time around. >> indeed. it's always a dicey thing when you get bill clinton out there. the best campaigner any of us have ever seen. there have been missteps along the way. >> absolutely. he's one of the biggest weapons, if you will, in hillary clinton's arsenal, or really for democrats anywhere. but he needs to be deployed carefully. you can see the calculations
9:39 am
taking place within the hillary clinton campaign, about when and how best to do that. the calculation had been that, as kristin said, lead this earlier part of the campaign. it's more than a year to the election. leave this earlier part of the campaign to a sort of measured introduction, reintroduction of hillary clinton, ads and small events and so forth, and save the big fire power that bill clinton represents for later. they seem to have moved the timetable up a bit. >> again, it's the end of the month so tomorrow is going to be the release of e-mails. state department is struggling with this. 6,000 pages, we're told, are going to come out tomorrow late afternoon. again, she's not going to be able to be talking about policy issues, she's going to be responding to questions that come after all of us pour over the e-mails. >> yeah. i mean, i was interested in her ready agreement with chuck todd on the "meet the press"
9:40 am
interview, that this is a drip, drip, drip. part of the reason it is is because every month through the end of the year, there will be another batch of e-mails. we don't know ahead of time what's in them and, really, neither fully does she. it generates a few days of stories, and it's a bit of a wild card. it sort of prolongs the time at the point at which she could maybe put some of this behind her. >> i want to ask you about the poll. one of the people rising in the poll is marco rubio. does he become the de facto establishment republican candidate if the party believes jeb bush cannot really campaign aggressively enough? >> i was going to say jeb bush hopes not, but yes. what jeb bush has had going for him always was, okay, fiorina, carson, trump, sure, but at some point, it's going to be one of the outsider candidates, maybe
9:41 am
ted cruz, against an establishment candidate and i'm the establishment candidate that can last because of the money i've raised. he still have the money. $100 million in it. they're on tv right now, new hampshire, $10,000 ad buy. he's reserved time. it's about performance. money is the most overrated thing in a presidential campaign because there's so much of it. it's a law of diminishing returns. marco rubio will have enough. he's performed significantly better in the debates. marco rubio provides an, i think, republicans are seeing a better contrast with the likely democratic nominee of hillary clinton. yes, jeb bush's problem is not ted troocruz, carson, fiorina o trump, it's marco rubio. that's fascinating. remember, jeb was sort of a mentor, despite what marco rubio says, jeb was a mentor in florida politics to marco rubio. we thought a year ago they both
9:42 am
wouldn't run. the fact they are positioned to that -- the only way for jeb to get the nomination is through marco is a fascinating story line we'll hear more of as the race goes on. >> is that one of the reasons we see donald trump going after marco rubio? >> absolutely. you're seeing him go after jeb bush less, and in a lighter way he had been in the past. i think the campaign is starting to feel like, we've cut him down. he's a non-factor at this point. marco rubio is climbing in the polls steadily. he's been playing this middle of the road game where he hasn't made massive headlines. marco rubio is hitting trump. not only is he hitting trump, he's not going down in the polls after hitting trump. everybody else who has done this besides fiorina went down in the polls. when you talk to the insiders and the people in the establishment, they'll say fee r -- fiorina and trump will wither away. rubio will show where trump's
9:43 am
weaknesses are. they're being as hard on him as they can, calling him a baby, making fun of his appearance, trying to get under his skin. so far, it's not hrattling him. it is a really interesting thing to watch. i'm going to be fascinated by it for the next few weeks at least. planned parenthood is an issue hillary clinton has embraced and tweeting up a storm. they think it works, no matter the controversy. >> it speaks to her base, gets them fired up. there's a fight on capitol hill, potentially some republicans trying to shut down the government over this fight about whether to fund planned parenthood. she has sharp divisions with republicans over that. it allows her not only to take on republicans on capitol hill, but her contenders on the gop side. >> well, the gang was all here. it's great to see you all. kristen, katie and chris and ann, thank you all so much. meanwhile, at the united nations, president obama and cuba's president met in new york
9:44 am
city a short time ago. it was their second meeting this year. the first was in panama. after reestablishing diplomatic relations. president obama was joined by secretary kerry, susan rice and samantha power, among others. look at the warmth of that greeting. this represents another step in the ongoing fall between the two countries. check out the difference. this was the meeting with vladimir putin last night. and the election season wouldn't be the same without the "daily show." we had to say good-bye to jon stewart. new host, trevor noah, picked up where jon stewart left off in last night's debut. >> the truth is, now i'm in the chair and i can only assume this is as strange for you as it is for me. jon stewart was more than a late-night host. he was our voice, refuge, and our political dad. it's weird because dad has left.
9:45 am
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9:49 am
now, closed to the public. her three grown children are at the hearing and expected to testify. her lawyers are arguing the person who carried out the murder, her then-boyfriend, he was sentenced with life without parole and they argued she got a harsher sentence. she was convicted of plotting to kill her husband in 1997. since that time, her grown children now say she turned her life around while in prison. she was a model inmate. however, the relatives for her husband, they argue that she deserves to be put to death and that the focus should be on the victim, not on herself. andrea? >> gabe gutierrez in georgia, you'll keep us up to date on that. thank you. house of cards. how could the leadership shuffle on capitol hill impact a possible shut down? answers ahead. right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. i'll be progr. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp)
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9:53 am
i won't be as tan. >> which political story will make head laine headlines in th hours? so you have a change of leadership, a lot of action, and it's mostly, if kevin mccarthy becomes speaker, on the majority leader race. who's in? who's out? what about trey gowdy? >> there's so many moving parts. the first thing is the government will not shut down tomorrow from aipeople i've spon to. they're on a measure through december 13th because of speaker boehner's resignation. kevin mccarthy should be fine for speaker. no one is mounting a challenge for him. all eyes will be on the majority leader race. there are three names.
9:54 am
steve from louisiana. tom price, the budget chairman, who got an endorsement from paul ryan. this new name is south carolina congressman, trey gowdy, the chairman of the benghazi committee investigating hillary clinton. he said he's not necessarily interested in the job but he has a lot of allies who would like to see him in the position. he told me for a quick minute on the walk over here that it's a terrible job because everyone eventually dislikes you, laughingly. however, he's an interesting guy to keep an eye on. he could be a compromise choice if this race goes to multiple ballots as we expect. the other thing to keep an eye on here, currently, right now if you run for a leadership position, you can fall back on the one you currently have. steve could one for majority leader but still have his position if he loses the race. there could be a motion to rid
9:55 am
of the rule. if you're in a race that you're all in, we don't know if it'll happen, it's another thing to keep an eye on, which could switch up the race. >> luke, i have to ask you about the real race, or the real issue. is papelbon going to be fired and, you know, what about the manager and what about the season? >> i have to tell you, as a lifelong nationals season ticketholder, you have to get this guy out of town. this is a joke. this is a disaster. i said the equivalent of this is someone of my stature, going after matt lauer, you can't go after the franchise like that. come on. it's not proper. not proper by any means. i hope papelbon is on his way. he's made millions and millions of dollars. some other team will pick him up and he can go enjoy some other city, not washington. >> anger management class. thank you very much. >> take care. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell
9:56 am
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or more on car insurance. hi. everybody. i'm thomas roberts. nice to have you with me. we start this hour with three major stories dominating capitol hill right now. starting with the planned parenthood chief facing congressional fire. first, cecile richards, the head of planned parenthood, spending the last several hours testifying before a house committee. she got a break and she's now back. second, the looming deadline for lawmakers to avoid a government shutdown. third, the race to replace outgoing house speaker john boehner. the heated federal funding fight over planned parenthood reached new levels today. it comes after a string of secretly taped videos from an anti-abortion group surfaced, accusing the organization of illegally profiting from fetal tissue. cecile richards put up a defense. >> planned parenthood has been in the news recently because of the deceptively edited videos
10:00 am
released by a group dedicated to making abortion illegal. the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood based on heavily doctored videos are offensive and categorically untrue. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle delivered passionate cases for and against planned parenthood. >> this is why i don't think you need -- if you want to be a private entity, be a private entity. you don't need federal dollars to do this. >> this funding fight is a pretext for the real republican agenda. it's a pretext. take away the constitutional right of women and their doctors to decide what is best for them. >> while this battle continues, at any moment, petitions with more than 2 million signatures will be delivered, urging lawmakers not to